Refund Policy

Under normal circumstances, no refunds will be given after an account has been issued, and once an account has been used, absolutely no refunds will be given except for truly legitimate reasons, such as fraud or error. For those wishing to test our system before a full purchase, we do offer inexpensive TRIAL ACCOUNTS. You may cancel your service at any time; to do so, send an e-mail to with the receipt issued to you by 2Checkout or any other of our Payment Processors along with your account username, or your transaction or subscription ID number. Often, your Purchase Receipt or "Account Started" email will contain further information as well. Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be processed; therefore if you wish to cancel, please do so more than 5 Days before the end of your subscription, otherwise you may be renewed for the next month, and refunds generally will not be given for this. Your account will then be cancelled at the end of your subscription period. Unrightful chargebacks or forced refunds from your account will also cause you to be listed in an online fraud database. This will prevent you from using your credit card or phone number on the internet again with over 50,000 companies that use our various Payment Processors for their online billing. If you legitimately were never assigned an account due to an error on the part of Usenet Providers you may either request to have the charge refunded or we will activate your account and compensate you (with extra usage, or a free account upgrade) for any lost time. (Not checking your e-mail or supplying us with a wrong e-mail address on signup are not legitimate reasons.) We will not issue refunds for any other reason, with the exception of fraud (read below for details). When a refund is warranted, we generally issue refunds in full. There are no "restocking" fees for all legitimate refunds according to our policies. For accounts that have been used, we may issue partial refunds. All refunds not according to our policies are at the SOLE discretion of Usenet Providers.